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Everyone that lives in Idaho knows that our weather changes quickly and temperatures vary dramatically from day to night. This change in temperature causes condensation to build up in the crawl space of homes.

Luckily for Pocatello, ID homeowners, there’s no longer a need to stress over their crawlspace. At Teton Radon Services, we will encapsulate your crawl space to ensure that it does not leak radon gas or any moisture to your home.

For all the 20,832 households in Pocatello, we are your go-to when it comes to protecting yourself from leaking radon gas.

pocatello idaho crawl space encapsulation

What is Crawl Space Encapsulation?

Crawlspace encapsulation is a maintenance practice aimed at making sure that your crawlspace is vapor and radon gas proof. This is to make sure that no moisture or gases leak into your crawlspace, which can cause health hazards.

By containing radon gas and moisture beneath the vapor barrier, a perforated pipe under the vapor membrane draws out the built up moisture and radon with a specialized designed suction fan.

How does Crawl Space Encapsulation Work?

Basically, crawlspace encapsulation involves putting plastic vapor barriers in your crawlspace to make sure that no gases or moisture can leak to the structure above or to the foundation near it.

It’s a good idea to hire a professional like Teton Radon Services to make sure that the encapsulation is effectively done.


The Benefits of Crawl Space Encapsulation:

No Gas Hazards

A well-encapsulated crawl space will have you breathing fresh and dry air, which is healthier for you, your friends, and any visitors you may be hosting. Besides, an encapsulated crawl space helps prevent radon gas entering your home, protecting you from this harmful gas.

Protects Your Structure

A poor crawl space directly affects the foundation of a building. To protect the structure of your home, the foundation must remain safe and protected from damage at all times. When your crawlspace is moist and damp, it is easy for the moisture to seep into the surrounding soil getting into the foundation of your home.

You may have the perfect gutters to make sure that water does not reach your foundation, but a moist crawl space may render all such efforts useless. A dry crawl space is, therefore, a sure way of making sure your foundation stays strong for many years.

Saves Energy

Encapsulating your crawl space and preventing moist air from entering your home will naturally cause your house to be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Furthermore, a damp and moist crawl space makes it more difficult for your air handling unit to circulate the air in your house. This is because your air conditioner will be using more energy to condition the damp air coming from your crawlspace.

Crawlspace encapsulation is an easy way to save on utility bills at the end of every month. The cost of encapsulating your home may seem unnecessary, but you will spend so much more on power bills in the long run without it.

Prevents Mold Growth

A humid environment is the perfect breeding ground for mold and fungus. The spores of some molds can be very hazardous to your health if you consistently breathe them in. That’s why most home inspectors are very thorough when inspecting a home for mold.

Mold growth can be very expensive to fix especially if the mold has spread into the structure or walls of your home because the only way to get rid of it for good is for it to be replaced. A great way to prevent mold growth is to have a specialist like Teton Radon Services to encapsulate your crawl space.

More About Pocatello

Pocatello is the largest city in Bannock County, with over 20,832 households. The city has a population of over 50,000 people. Irrigation farming is the main economic activity, and the temperature varies dramatically, making homes prone to dampness. Pocatello also has some of the best museums and the largest farms with iconic tourist attraction sites.
It is, therefore, important that living conditions in the city remain safe for locals and visitors as well.

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