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Crawl Space Encapsulation

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Crawl Space Encapsulation helps prevent radon gas from entering your home using a durable 6 or 10 mil cross linked vapor barrier. We start off with a thorough inspection of your entire crawl space and then we clean up and prepare your crawl space. The encapsulation will be completely air sealed to ensure quality and effectiveness. A perforated pipe is installed under the vapor membrane and radon and moisture are drawn out with a specialized suction fan designed for radon mitigation.

Radon Gas Entry

Radon gas is a naturally occurring gas that seeps into your home or business from the ground. Encapsulating your crawl space will dramatically reduce the levels of Radon gas and will stop the gas from entering into the livable spaces of your home through the floorboards. In combination with a mitigation system our vapor barrier will stop the entry of radon gas and help protect your family. It will also reduce musty smells and make your crawl space a better place to store your stuff.

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