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Over 20,000 lung cancer fatalities in the U.S are associated with radon gas poisoning and its effects. As such, it’s important to consider the possible mitigation steps to be on the safe side.

Whether it’s in your home or business place in Southeast Idaho, radon testing and subsequent remediation are necessary. You don’t want to endanger the well-being of your family or employees!

commercial radon mitigation

What is Radon Gas?

Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally and is released from the ground through water, soil as well as rocks. It gets into buildings through crevices on the foundation, floor, drainage system, etc.

Although radon is mostly found in areas with radon-emitting materials, it is not confined. You may find building “A” with dangerous levels of radon while building “B” sitting right next to it has safe levels.

This is why regular radon tests should be done to ensure the remediation process is carried out promptly. This is where commercial radon mitigation services become essential!

Dangers of Radon Exposure in Commercial Buildings in Idaho

While the radon levels found outdoors are safe, the gas can build up in buildings to dangerous points. Radon poisoning is the second highest cause of lung cancer cases, after cigarette smoking.

Industrial buildings especially may be required by law to undergo radon mitigation before resuming operations. This may affect business performance due to low productivity and reduced income. So, you should hire a professional radon mitigation company to help you out.

Teton Radon Service Southeast Idaho has highly experienced technicians that will thoroughly assess your industrial building. If radon gas is at dangerous levels, then they will propose our comprehensive commercial radon mitigation process.

Our Commercial Radon Mitigation Process

Teton Radon Services offers customized mitigation options depending on your commercial or residential needs. With over 15 years of experience, you can trust our team of experts who will prioritize your needs and wellbeing.

Whether you prefer an interior aesthetic package or opt for an exterior one, there is something for everyone. Some of these systems require the installation of pipes and covers in your home or industrial buildings. Our technicians will paint them to match your space for a stylish look.

Also, once the system is in place, Teton Radon Services conducts another radon test to ensure the effectiveness of the solution.

One of the most effective and efficient radon mitigation methods is the crawl space encapsulation. With an NRPP certified radon mitigation technician, Teton commercial radon mitigation services are the go-to professionals!

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