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Testing for Radon in Rentals

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The word radon immediately conjures up frightening thoughts of cancer. It is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Radon is a gas that occurs naturally and is often found in soil and rocks. It is hard to detect because it has no odor and it can’t be seen.

Entrance into Homes

Radon usually comes from the ground and escapes into the air. It then enters the home through cracks and small openings in the foundation. Once radon is in the home, it is trapped and will continue to build up. This makes for an unhealthy environment for the residents.

Landlord Responsibility

Rental properties are just as susceptible to radon as any other building. Does a landlord need to test for radon? Landlords have a responsibility to provide safe living conditions to all of their renters. The first step is to understand what radon is, how to test for it, and what needs to be done to fix it if it does exist.


Rentals must be deemed habitable, and if there is radon present, it may not be safe to live in. Does a landlord need to test for radon? If there is radon, and the landlord does not take the appropriate steps to warn them or fix it, they can be held liable. This is especially true if there is a known problem in the area. The tenants could actually sue for damages caused because of the radon.

Radon Testing

Testing is the only definitive way to determine if there is radon in a building. Teton Radon Services uses top of the line testing technology to accurately measure radon levels. Their testing procedures are an affordable fast way to determine if there are radon gases in the rental. They use Charcoal testing and Continuous Radon Monitor (CPM) to ensure accurate results.


Radon is not a deal breaker for a rental. There are various ways that Teton Radon Services deals with the problem including mitigation and crawl space encapsulation. Their custom systems are available in both interior and exterior options.

Teton Radon Services

Experience counts at Teton Radon Services with over 15 years of experience in dealing with radon. Gary Richey owns Teton Radon Services and is National Radon Proficiency Program certified. His business is based out of Idaho Falls, ID and serves clients in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. Landlords need to check for radon and can call today for a free consultation and estimate. The safety of renters should always be a first priority.

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