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Are you concerned about the potentially hazardous effects of radon in your area? If you are in Jackson, in the state of Wyoming, you could be exposed to harmful radon gas. It is important to have proper testing done to identify this gas that is somewhat radioactive. 

If it is there, steps will need to be taken to mitigate the situation to protect you and your family. Our company, Teton Radon Services, can help you resolve this problem if it does exist. It all begins with a simple test that can determine if you are being exposed.

radon testing and mitigation in jackson wy

Radon Gas Levels In Teton County

If you live in the Jackson area, it is possible that radon gas in your immediate area could be above average levels. The national average for safe levels of radon gas is measured at 1.3 pCi/L. Outside of your home, it will likely be far less, right around 0.4 pCi/L.

According to recent statistics, homes in Teton County have an average level of 7.2 pCi/L in certain areas including Zone 1. By allowing us to test your home, and the area outside of your home, we can determine if you have this problem.

Radon Testing

If you have never had this type of testing before, it is fairly straightforward. Instruments will be brought in that can detect radon. This testing should be done on any level of the home below the fourth level.

These tests utilize charcoal based measuring devices or those designed for detecting radon with electret ions. This can be done with handheld instrumentation, whereas long-term radon tests, those over 90 days, will require a more permanent detection system.

Radon Mitigation

We have many solutions for mitigating homes that have radon in them. They are referred to as radon reduction techniques. This may begin with sealing your home, preventing leaks of error from getting in, which may be coming through cracks on your walls, floor or ceiling.

Room pressurization and heat recovery techniques can also be used. Additionally, finding ways to naturally ventilate your home can be helpful. The most common place for the appearance of cracks is in the foundation itself. By administering these mitigation techniques, radon levels should go down.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

This involves the installation of a heavy duty moisture barrier. This should be placed in all of your crawl spaces. Additionally, it can be beneficial when added to insulated walls, and also sealed foundation vents. You may also consider using a dehumidifier in the crawlspace areas.

To determine if mitigation has been properly administered, further testing will need to be done. If you want the very best radon testing and mitigation services in the Jackson area, contact our business, Teton Radon Services, so that we can help you resolve this potential issue.


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