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Radon. What Is It Exactly?

If you are a resident of Ketchum Idaho, and you believe you are experiencing radon gas exposure, you will need to get tested as soon as possible. This is a radioactive type of noble gas that results from the decay of the material radium in your soil. A distant cousin or nucleotide of uranium, this odorless and colorless gas can lead to definitive health issues.

It’s important to test your home, using professionals with the proper testing equipment, to see if you and your family are being exposed, you should contact Teton Radon Services, the best radon services in Ketchum Idaho.

ketchum idaho radon testing and mitigation

Radon Gas Levels in Ketchum ID

The residents of Ketchum in Idaho can experience average levels of radon, reaching a level of 15 on the radon testing scale. According to the EPA, this is a much higher rate of exposure than they would recommend. If you are currently experiencing abnormal health issues, exposure to radon gas could be the primary cause. Since the levels of radon gas in the Ketchum area are extremely high, you may want to have your home tested as quickly as possible.

Understanding The Process Of Radon Testing

In order to get a proper reading, any radon test should commence and be completed in about 48 hours. Depending upon the type of test that you are using, it may actually take longer. During the testing time, the test device should not be moved or affected in any way. This will not include using your HVAC system as this is only circulating the air that is inside of your home already. 

The most common radon test involves the use of charcoal testing strips that can absorb radon in the air. It will capture the radioactive particles, and in the laboratory, the test results will lead to a determined radon level. There are kits that you can purchase that may provide you with a good result, but professional radon testing is always recommended.

An Overview Of Radon Mitigation

Perhaps the most common form of radon mitigation is sub slab depressurization. It is one of the most reliable ways to reduce the overall exposure to radon gas. It utilizes a series of suction pipes that will be directly inserted into the slab under your floor. They may also extend to the soil underneath in order to accelerate this process. 

In most cases, you will see the section pipes extending outward from the side of homes. These are placed beneath the concrete slab which serves as the home’s foundation. When done properly, this can redirect the dispersal of radon gas to a location outside of your home. That’s why you should contact the best radon services in Ketchum Idaho.

There are many companies that will recommend the installation of a crawlspace in the area below your home. Once it is set up, it will minimize the amount of radon gas that can penetrate into your primary living space. Using a process called crawl space depressurization, you can use a fan to blow the air out of the crawlspace and into the open air.

However, this can be expensive for many people when you are operating a fair 24 hours a day. Instead, you may want to consider a crawl space that passively removes radon gas through simple ventilation procedures.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

This involves the use of materials that can prevent vapors from moving up through the ground. It will encapsulate these vapors, preventing them from rising up and penetrating through the bottom of your home. Although this encapsulation process is similar to a technique used to minimize moisture, it can help prevent radon gas exposure. However, it can be extremely expensive, which is why you should work with a reliable company such as Teton Radon Services that will install everything at an affordable cost.

Why Choose Us

One of the main reasons to work with our company is our high level of expertise. We have been providing radon services for over 20 years all throughout Idaho. The prices that they charge, and the speed at which they can assist you, will motivate you to give them a try.

If you have not tested radon yet, they may recommend this type of crawlspace to minimize exposure almost instantly. You can contact them directly and schedule an appointment so they can begin the testing and remediation process.

If you are in Ketchum Idaho, you may be exposed to high amounts of radon. If this occurs for an extended period of time, it can lead to significant health issues. Regardless of the procedure you decide to use, these mitigation procedures can minimize radon exposure very quickly. Best of all, the professionals that Teton Radon Services will always charge a fair price for these services. If you are looking for the best radon services in Ketchum Idaho to determine what your radon levels are, contact us today. https://tetonradonservices.com/

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